Development. Management. Events.

idealDESIGN, inc was hired by a group of 10 independent business owners to form the membership organization in 2007. After the initial plan was created, a group of founding board members implemented the initial plan and started the annual fundraiser, Kirkwood Wine Stroll (KWS) the same year with 10 pouring stations.

In 2015, with a dwindling board and membership involvement, idealDESIGN,inc was hired on a monthly retainer to build a new board of directors, implement an online membership system and create sustainable structure to the Kirkwood Wine Stroll.

2016-2018 was the largest growth of the organization with over 80 members strong, $100,000 raised from Kirkwood Wine Stroll to support operations, $10,000 donated to local nonprofits and expanded the KWS to include up to 45 pouring stations featuring KBOA members.

Today in 2019, the Kirkwood Business Owners’ Association, is a management client of idealDESIGN, inc. through a monthly retainer.

The investment of time and resources of the community stakeholders fuels the growth and effectiveness of the organization.

Organization Overview

  • 2007: Development of organization.

  • Founding Member program of 15 businesses funded development.

  • 501 c(6) established and membership launched.

  • 2015: Returned to build board of directors from 3 members to 9.

  • Installed membership management software. Increased membership from 35 to 72.

  • Managed 10th Annual Kirkwood Wine Stroll with volunteer committee with new sponsorship page and community give back.

  • 2018: Kirkwood Map & Guide created that features all members and distributed to new residents, events and within local businesses.

  • TODAY-2019: KBOA has 95 members and growing.

Key Functions

Board Development
Recruitment, training and management of volunteer board.

Meeting Facilitation
Agenda preparation, distribution and facilitation of monthly general and board meetings.

Marketing & Communications
Graphics, emails marketing, website maintenance and management  as well as point of contact for organization.

Event Management
Concept, collaborations, sponsorship, management of production teams, marketing and volunteers.