Organization Development

idealDESIGN, inc was hired in May 2018 by the Little 5 Points Community Improvement District (L5PCID) to create a unified organization of property owners, businesses, residential organizations and invested neighbors.

The process began with 3 months of discovery sessions.

On August 21st, the Little 5 Points Alliance was formed within a structure of board members representing:

  • Little 5 Points Community Improvement District (L5PCID)

  • Little 5 Points Business Association (L5PBA)

  • Candler Park Neighborhood Organization (CPNO)

  • Inman Park Neighborhood Association (IPNA)

  • Little 5 Alive (L5A)

  • At-Large positions made up of property owners not eligible for the CID, business owners, residents with expertise and invested neighbors

Today in 2019, idealDESIGN,inc is managing a 15 person volunteer stand up board, Beautify L5P and facilitating a Findley Plaza Activation Plan for 2020-2022.

Organization Overview

  • August 2018: Development of organization.

  • Sept 2018: Initial membership contributions and Findley Plaza granite tile/founding member program is funding the stand up.

  • December 2018: L5P Alliance launch party with over 150 commercial property owners, business owners, residents, city officials and all those who love L5P attended.

  • February 2019: 501 c(3) established.

  • Community engagement meetings for Transportation Committee.

  • March 2019: Beautify L5P launched.

  • April 2019: Findley Activation Plan and Membership structure in process.

Key Functions

Board Development
Recruitment, training and management of volunteer board.

Meeting Facilitation
Agenda preparation, distribution and facilitation of monthly general and board meetings.

Marketing & Communications
Graphics, emails marketing, website design, maintenance and management  as well as point of contact for organization.